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We Make NFTs

Do you have a great idea for digital art but you are unsure how to execute it? Let us do the behind the scenes. Our graphic designers will develop an NFT for you. Let us know your vision and we will do the hard work to make it a reality. 


We are capable of making static NFTs as well as adding movement and animation, but the sky's the limit! If you have music or sounds you would like added to your design, let us know. We love experimenting with this new form of media and bringing your vision to life. 

Not only do we help you develop your NFTs, but we will also help you buy and sell your digital creations. We can list your work on the top NFT marketplaces such as Open Sea, Mintable, Foundation and Rarible. 


NFTs are the next big thing. Shaking up both the art world as well as the tech world, NFTs are making million dollar waves that are hard to ignore. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are the newest type of digital asset and make the virtual selling of high end digital art possible. These non-fungible tokens act like virtual signatures and records original ownership. NFTs have enabled digital art to be both scarce and authentic. 


Usually digital artwork, NFTs are unique digital content that are unbound by rules or medium, and can include sounds, animation, gifs, and music. The internet and digital art has made it possible for anyone to be an artist, for anyone to turn their unique ideas into a unique piece of art, and sell to someone who appreciates it. 


NFTs are not limited just to high end digital art, however. NFTs are also seeing incredible success with professional sports. The NBA has created digital trading cards called moments that mostly consist of exciting basketball “moments” such as dunks etc, and can be bought and resold like regular trading cards, giving fans possession of exciting moments of their favorite players and teams. Tweets are also being sold as NFTs by celebrities such as Jack Dorsey, giving their fans ownership of something they have created, similar to NBA moments. 

Although it may seem a bit bizarre, we are living in a digital age, and NFTs are evidence of it. Covid has caused the sales of digital media to skyrocket. While the popularity of paper trading cards has been fading and famous tweets and memes have failed to provide any monetary reward, the world has found a way to give these creators the payment they have deserve. Not to mention high end artists, who have previously been dependent on galleries, now have more control over the way their work is presented to the world. 

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