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Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Assistants 

Cognitive personal assistants are focused on global and extensive platforms and services. They are meant to add ease to people’s needs, habits, and emotions. They are able to adapt well, be responsive, evoke some emotion, and have a dynamic appeal. They are reliable and used in real scenarios to help users at home or in other environments, they can handle routine administrative tasks. Depending on your needs, you could use them to schedule meetings, prioritize and filter your calendar, and so on. Using this AI system, you can have it directly perform these tasks by itself, or make sure that is receives supervisor confirmation before handling the task. We will help you design and specialize what you need your Cognitive Assistant to perform for your business.

Alexa Skills

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service that is available on multiple devices offered by Amazon and some third party devices. Alexa allows you to create real and natural voice experiences that will give users a more innovative way to connect with the technology that they use on a daily basis. Skills are like different apps for Alexa. They provide more channels to be available for your content and services that you may needs. These skills put ease on you, and allow Alexa to help aid you in your everyday tasks. These skills can be published in the Alexa Skills Store to allow users to enjoy them and have them used across the millions of Alexa devices out now.

Google Skills

Using your Google Nest, previously Google Home smart speakers, we can help you create a large array of skills that you may need for your organization. With the Google Assistant, you are able to connect to the internet in many different ways, like searching restaurants, setting timers, having the weather spoken out to you. You can use google to perform tasks on many apps that have been downloaded, like Whatsapp, Podcasts, Spell Check, and much more, allowing your app to be used as a shortcut and more frequently, just with someone’s voice. Google has the largest amount of devices (over 1 billion globally) because of the amount of Android devices that have Google Assistant downloaded already

AI Apps

Artificial Intelligence apps make it possible for a software to learn from experience and adjust to different inputs in order to perform human like tasks. With Narrow Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps, you can provide many different uses in various sectors, like gaming, healthcare, personal finance, autonomous vehicle, etc. There is also the usage of AI in business operations like marketing or support for customers. That’s why the Global Market for Artificial Intelligence apps is growing tremendously and will continue to grow. That’s where we can help to get you on the bandwagon and help you develop your AI app suited to your needs

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